Because of an overload of ideas and the lack of time to work on them we set up
YipYip labs YipYip labs is part of YipYip and consists of the same employees.
We all invest one day of our time per week to work on our own concepts,
frameworks and apps.

New technology

We love trying out new technology. YipYip labs makes it possible for us to experiment and test/find out the (in)possibilities of new frameworks and SDK's.

Fresh concepts

When we create our own concepts we have the freedom to create innovative solutions and products that we love.

Create cool stuff

We just love it to create cool products for our clients, this passion is fueled by our labs projects where we have total freedom to create whatever we want.

What's cooking?

Projects that we're currently creating within YipYip labs

The first app in what will be a serious game serie build around Professor Nibble! This funny little man will help kids and grown-ups develop different kind of skills, from the English language to mathematics, biology or history!


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