We offer various services


The user experience of digital products is a crucial part of our design proces. We translate the identity of brands to an user-friendly interface without losing track of brand values.

Interaction design

It's important to create user-friendly products and create a good user experience. We iterate as much as possible and will take care of an optimal solution for the target audience.

Visual design

How a digital product will look is almost as important as how it works. Interaction elements should be clearly visible and there should be a visual oneness/translation of the brand.


Animation is not only a well made trailer, app preview or lively characters in a game. Transitions in an interface are also animations that can really contribute to the usability of an app or website.


A picture says more then a thousand words. Good character design, readable infographics or accompanying icons for a website or app can really make a difference.


There are a lot of smartphone and tablet users around the world and this amount is growing each day. All of them potential customers. YipYip develops apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Smartphone app

Smartphone apps are usually used briefly. Therefor we try to make our apps as fluently and swiftly as possible. Apps that we create will load data upfront when possible, synchronise efficiently and keep the app's size to a minimum.

Tablet app

Tablets are devices that are likely to be shared within a family. That means a diverse and huge audience range. YipYip develops universal apps that supports smartphones and tablets or specific tablet-only apps.


iBeacons are small Bluetooth transmitters that can pinpoint the location of users extremely precise, indoor and outdoor. This makes it possible to push product information or personal notifications to a device, based on a user's location.


Project specifications are rarely complete when we start our projects. Our agile workflow enables us to quickly change direction. This keeps projects manageable and the quality up to our standards.


Nearly 80% of money earned through the App Store comes from games. This makes mobile a huge platform for publishing games. We design and develop games for all mobile platforms.

Game development

The games we build we develop in specific game-engines like Cocos2d-x or Unity. This keeps the publishing of games to different platforms frictionless.

Game design

Game design contains more then what a game looks like, it also consists of the logic of a game. What are the key rules and mechanics of the game? How are you rewarded points? What is the most engaging cause of events? These are just some questions that belong to designing a game.

Serious/educational games

Games where you'll learn something aren't only suitable for kids, most adult also respond to them very positive. Weather you are trying to learn a new language or new processes within an organization, games have proven to be great teaching tools.

Sound design

A game or animation without music or sounds effects is not making it's maximum impact. That's why we compose and produce soundtracks and sound effects to increase the user experience, from audio feedback to music that sets the mood.


We don't only build apps and games. Web is also an important part of our daily projects. We connect interfaces with each other via the web to send through our apps. We can also build a complete website with management systems.

Back-end development

Content from websites and apps can be managed by our clients through their own management systems (CMS). When there are systems in place we write API's to get the data we need.

Front-end development

Building the visual presentation of a website. We have much experience in building websites with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and always take care of a search-engine friendly result (SEO).

Mobile website

Users spend a lot of times on their mobile phone. A good mobile presentation is crucial. A mobile website can contain specific content for mobile users or be a full presentation of what can be found on desktop.

Responsive/adaptive website

A responsive website scales with the size of the browser and device. This way the website will get an own optimized view for mobile, tablet and desktop.


Our experiences in the app industry come in handy when advising you about your concept and strategy. Not only after launching the app but on forehand as well.

Platform choice

Choosing the right platform depends on your goals and available budget. Together we will find the best solutions for the most optimal result.

Product development & branding

We know what it is to create a concept for an app, to develop it and to market it because we have our own YipYip labs projects. We always implement this knowledge in projects for clients.

App Store marketing (ASO)

After launching the app it's important to keep marketing your app. Even within the App Store. We optimize screenshots, descriptions, keywords and App Previews as well as trailers.

Social media

Putting your content on the right social media can be tricky. Should you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or all of the above? They all have their own chances and possibilities. We love to help you with these choices.

& support

Imagine: your app is a huge hit and you have 200.000 users! That's great but imagine that 1% of these users have questions, that's a lot of support.


To ensure that every user gets answers to his questions we implement advanced ticket systems so that they can ask questions directly from the app or website to one of our developers.


With analytics and crash reports we can optimize apps as much as possible to let it work great for every user on every supported device. This way we guarantee continuity.

Service level agreement

The landscape of apps changes constantly, new operating systems and devices are sometimes monthly released. To keep up to date we deliver fitting service agreements.


We analyse apps by many different factors. Not only the number of downloads can be measured but also how long users use the app, how much it's been started, who the typical user is and what they do inside the app.